Whole genome sequence, SNPs, copy number variation, phenotypes and other “-omics” data underlie evidence-based estimations of breeding value. Unfortunately, the computational resources (data storage, high-performance computing, analysis pipelines) that exploit this knowledge are limited in availability – many investigations are therefore restricted to the commercial sector or well-funded academic programs. Cyberinfrastructure developed by the iPlant Collaborative (NSF-#DBI0735191) and its extension iAnimal (USDA-#2013-67015-21231) provides the animal breeding community a comprehensive and freely available platform for the storage, sharing, and analyses of large datasets – from genomes to phenotype data. iPlant/iAnimaltools support a variety of genotype-phenotype related analyses in a platform that accommodates every level of user – from breeder to bioinformatician. These tools have been used to develop scalable, accessible versions of common workflows required for applying sequencing to livestock genomics.

James M Reecy

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Methods and Tools: Bioinformatics, , 172, 2014
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