Data from individually controlled feed consumption of 640 Nellore young bulls (DMI), average daily gain (ADG), feed conversion rate (FCR), residual feed intake (RFI) and residual intake and body weight gain (RIG), genotyped in Illumina Bovine SNP50 v2 DNA Analysis BeadChip were used. After quality control, 28,231 DNA markers were considered informative and were submitted to six approaches for estimation of molecular breeding values: Bayes A, Bayes B, Bayes C, Bayes Cπ, GBLUP and Single Step. Accuracies of genome-assisted expected progeny differences were compared with accuracies estimated from single traits REML BLUP analyses and the increment is reported in this paper. Very intense impacts of using molecular information were observed in genotyped animals, and their sires and dams, with genotyped young bulls estimates reaching accuracies as high as the ones of bulls with 45 or more progeny.

Jose Bento Ster Ferraz, Miguel HA Santana, Gerson A Oliveira, Jr., Fernanda M Rezende, Heidge Fukumasu, Pâmela Alexandre, Aline SM Cesar, Minos E Carvalho, Luiz L Coutinho, Joanir P Eler, Elisangela C Mattos, Fernando Baldi, Dorian J Garrick

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Genetics of Trait Complexes: Feed intake and efficiency, , 118, 2014
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