This study reports the results of targeted association analysis in multiple F1 Merinoland crossbred lambs. A number of 384 SNPs in chromosomal regions with reported QTL for growth, carcass and meat quality were genotyped at 1493 crossbred lambs. These lambs were produced from Merinoland ewes and rams from five different meat-type breeds (Charollais, Ile de France, German Blackheaded Mutton, Suffolk, and Texel). Single SNP association analysis was conducted across the crosses or nested within the crosses. The traits daily gain, carcass yield, drip loss, haunch circumference, and fat layer were considered. Modeling SNP effect across the crosses identified weak associations with the same effect sign across the crosses. The nested analysis revealed significant associations with different effects signs in the crosses, which were not detected in the model where SNP effect was fitted across crosses. Positional and functional candidate genes were identified and discussed

Katja Schiller, Patrick Stratz, Siegfried Preuss, Jörn Bennewitz

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Species Breeding: Sheep and goats (Posters), , 905, 2014
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