The JR-type breed was created through the hybridization of Red Holstein (RH), Red Brahman (RB), and Criollo Limonero (CL) in an effort to obtain a composite breed that is capable of performing well under the conditions of the Venezuelan dry tropical forest. To date, the breed is in its third generation and demonstrating a promising improved yield and reproductive performance as compared to most native crossbred and purebred cattle (unpublished data). This study is the first to genetically characterize the JR-type breed using genome wide ADMIXTURE, principal component analysis (PCA), and fixation index (FST) to define the population structure and genetic ancestry of the JR-type cattle based on the Illumina BovineHD 777K Beadchip. The PCA, ADMIXTURE and FST results showed that JR are a genetically unique breed distinguishable from Bos indicus and Bos taurus ancestral breeds. Further investigation is warranted to explain their unique genetic signature. Keywords: admixture, criollo cattle, JR-type, pca, fst

Ann Staiger, Antonio Landaeta-Hernández, N. Amati, E. Crespo, Tad Sonstegard, Heather Huson

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Electronic Poster Session - Biology & Species - Bovine (dairy) 2, , 623, 2018
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