Organic dairy farming (ODF) is different from conventional dairy farming in management practices, but so far the same breeding goal (BG) is used, based on the same economic models (EM). However, ODF is based on the principles of organic agriculture defined by the IFOAM, which are not easily interpreted in economic terms and it may be questionable to use a BG for ODF based on EM. In this study we set up three BGs for ODF in Denmark, one based on the principles of organic agriculture, one focusing on roughage consumption and feed efficiency, and one focusing on disease resistance. A questionnaire and desired gains index were used to set up the BGs. Correlations between these BGs and BGs based on EM were low. Which BG would be best suitable to use for ODF in Denmark depends on preferences of stakeholders. Keywords: breeding goal, organic farming, dairy cow, correlation, economic models

Margot Slagboom, Anna Wallenbeck, Lotta Rydhmer, Jørn Rind Thomasen, Morten Kargo

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Genetic gain - Breeding Objectives and Economics of Selection Schemes 1, , 50, 2018
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