Improving robustness of animals has become a real challenge for most of animal productions. However, the existence of a global robustness, common to several traits submitted each to changes of different variation factors, is still questionable. Analysis of genetic parameters for the mean (location) and the variability (dispersion) of litter size jointly with those of birth weight have been made on data from a mice selection experiment. A DHGLM procedure implemented in the ASReml software and adapted for a bivariate analysis was run to estimate the variances and covariances of the genetic components for the location and the dispersion of these traits. The strong negative genetic correlations between LS location and dispersion as well as between LS location and BW dispersion confirmed the previous results. The genetic correlation between the LS dispersion and BW dispersion was low (rg=0.29; SE=0.15) and provided us with a partial and preliminary answer about a global robustness. Keywords: robustness, environmental variability, bivariate, litter size, birth weight, mouse

Loys Bodin, Isabel Cervantes, Juan Pablo Gutierrez, Nora Formoso-Rafferty

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Electronic Poster Session - Challenges - Genotype by Environment Interactions, , 273, 2018
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