Economic indexes including tick resistance for Hereford and Braford breeds raised in Southern Brazil. R.F. Costa, Â.P. Reis, M.J. Yokoo, J.H.J. van der Werf , M.D. MacNeil & F.F. Cardoso The aims of this study were to estimate economic values for breeding goal (BG) traits and develop a selection index that combines tick resistance, birth rate and growth traits (direct and maternal weaning weight, mature cow weight, and carcass weight) for a typical full cycle beef cattle production system (FCS) in Southern Brazil using Hereford (HH) or Braford (BR) breeds. A bio-economic model was developed for this production system, which specializes in selling fattened steers, harvest heifers, and cull cows. The EV for tick resistance was developed by a stochastic method that considered the costs of chemicals, loss of weights and the probability of an animal’s death. EVs were -19.96 for TICK, (3.62, 3.64) for birth rate (BR), (0.92, 0.88) for carcass weight, (0.71, 0.67) for weaning weight (WW) direct, (0.47, 0.43) for WW maternal, and (0.22, 0.24) for mature cow weight in HH and BR, respectively. The overall genetic gain per year, was US$ 5.33 and US$ 5.19 for HH and BR, where growth traits contributed with 90% of this value in both breeds, and TICK and BR contributed only 10%. The minor progress using the proposed index would be expected for TICK and BR, and new strategies should be studied for their genetic improvement, particularly BR which has large relative economic importance compared to the other traits. Keywords: economic values, genomic estimating breeding values, tick resistance

Rodrigo Costa, Ândrea Reis, Marcos Yokoo, Julius Van Der Werf, Michael MacNeil, Fernando Cardoso

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Electronic Poster Session - Genetic gain - Breeding Objectives and Economics of Selection Schemes 2, , 667, 2018
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