The aim of this study was to estimate heritabilities and genetic correlations between adjusted weight at 210 (W210) and 450 (W450) days of age, adjusted scrotal circumference at 365 (SC365) and 450 (SC450) days of age, age at fist calving (AFC), probability of precocious calving (PPC), stayability (STAY), rib eye area (REA), subcutaneous fat thickness (SFT), and rump fat (RF) for Nellore animals using ssGBLUP. Genetic parameters estimates were performed using linear and threshold animal models for single traits and linear-linear for two-trait analysis. For PPC and STAY, a linear-limiar or limiar-limiar animal model was used. The heritabilities for single-trait analysis were 0.21, 0.43, 0.47, 0.52, 0.11, 0.12, 0.37, 0.33, 0.17 and 0.33 for W210, W450, SC450, AFC, PPC, STAY, REA, SFT and RFT, respectively. Overall, the genetic correlations between the traits ranged from -0.64 to 0.95. Most of the residual correlation estimates showed moderate to low magnitude, indicating that the extent of the environmental effects for two-traits were small or close to null. Greater gains by direct selection would be obtained for W450, SC365, SC450, STAY, REA and RF since they displayed the highest heritabilities estimates. In addition, selecting animals for weight (W210 and W450) would result in greater gains for SC365, SC450 and REA by indirect selection. The same pattern can be achieved when selecting for SC, resulting in gains for female reproductive traits (AFC, PPC, and STAY). Further, selection for STAY can increase the AFC and PPC genetic gains, as selection for SF can increase RTF. Keywords: Bos indicus, genetic gain, heritability, indirect selection

Raysildo Lôbo, Bianca Olivieri, Sabrina Kluska, Martin Bonamy, Elisa Peripolli, Fabieli Feitosa, Mariana Berton, Rafael Tonussi, Marcos Lemos, Cláudio Magnabosco, Fernando Di Croce, Jason Osterstock, Danisio Munari, Luiz Bezerra, Fernando Baldi

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Electronic Poster Session - Species - Bovine (beef) 2, , 709, 2018
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