The aim of this study was to identify important genomic regions associated with milk, fat and protein yields in different lactation stages in Canadian Holstein and Jersey breeds. Genotypes were available for 10,798 Holstein and 973 Jersey bulls and cows. Legendre coefficients of lactation curve were predicted for each animal using GBLUP and a random regression model. Direct genomic values for each lactation stage were used to estimate the SNP effects. Twenty-SNP windows that explained more than 0.50% of the total genetic variance were further investigated. In general, windows that explained a high proportion of the genetic variance were observed for fat and protein yield in Holsteins. The number of important windows decreased across lactation stages for fat yield in Jerseys, and increased for milk yield in Holsteins. Well-known genes with major effect on milk production traits showed different expression across lactation stages and breeds. Keywords: candidate genes, DGAT1, lactation curve, SNP effects

Hinayah Rojas Oliveira, Fabyano Fonseca Silva, Luiz Fernando Brito, Janusz Jamrozik, Daniela Andressa L Lourenco, Flavio Schramm Schenkel

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Electronic Poster Session - Methods and Tools - GWAS, , 601, 2018
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