Using 3D camera technology, feed intake was measured in a commercial farm. Results showed that measures were highly repeatable from day to day and from week to week in a period of 14 consecutive days. Also the feed intake measures were highly positively correlated to milk production, positively correlated to days in milk in the first 70 days in lactation and negatively correlated to days in milk from 70 days in milk and later. The method is cheap, noninvasive and does not affect the everyday routine for the farmer.

Jan Lassen, Jørn Rind Thomasen, Rikke Hjort Hansen, Glenn Gunnar Bri Nielsen, Eli Olsen, Peter Rene Bolvi Stentebjerg, Niels Worsøe Hansen, Søren Borchersen

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Technologies - Novel Phenotypes, , 635, 2018
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