Partial genetic characterization of a closed bovine herd produced in Canada, called “Lynch Lineback” The Lynch Lineback is a Canadian landrace breed of cattle, originating in Eastern Canada. Developed by a Canadian family (Lynch), this breed has been a closed herd for almost a century. This study provides a partial characterization of the genetic diversity of this breeds in comparison with 10 beef, dairy, and dual purpose breed produced in Canada. A total of 21 microsatellite markers were used to evaluate the genetic profile of the different samples collected for this study. Basic statistical, cluster, and structure analyses were performed to determine the current genetic diversity and the genetic relation with other bovine breeds. Our results revealed that individuals assigned to Lynch Lineback clustered together and this cluster was isolated from all other breeds included in this study. Basic molecular analyses revealed a lower presence of alleles per locus and a lower heterozygosity for this breed. This partial genetic characterization demonstrated that Lynch Lineback breed is a unique population and it could have an impact in the production of beef or dairy cattle. Keywords: Lineback, microsatellite, genetic diversity, cattle

Carl Lessard, Pamela Hind

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Electronic Poster Session - Challenges - Species Conservation, , 300, 2018
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