Summary Under the EU-funded iLINOVA (www.ilinova.org) project, a study was undertaken to assess research trends in animal genetic resources (AGR) in Africa with emphasis on the implementation of the FAO’s Global Plan of Action (GPA). Specific objectives included determining trends, drivers and direction of research on AGR with respect to funding, participation of local communities and institutional collaborations related to AGR studies in Africa. Methodology involved generating data from publications of FAO Journal of Animal Genetic Resources from Africa. From these Journal issues, all research on AGR conducted in Africa were assessed and the following variables were extracted: livestock breed of focus, strategic priority area (SPA) of the GPA, region, country and institution(s) in Africa where the study was conducted, involvement of local communities, institutions involved, funding source, etc. Data analysis used non-parametric statistics. Results showed that, overall, there was a preponderance of studies involving cattle, followed by chickens, goats and sheep. Spread of papers across SPA of the GPA showed that characterization (SPA #1) recorded 64% while SPAs # 2, 3 and 4 recorded much lower patronage. Cross-tabulation of results of livestock across regions in Africa showed that studies in Eastern Africa were dominated by cattle, poultry and small ruminants (in that order), in contrast to West Africa where AGR studies on small ruminants dominated, followed by poultry and cattle. AGR studies from East Africa recorded high proportion of funded research compared to West and Southern Africa. Funding across livestock species showed favourable disposition for small ruminants and poultry. These findings could contribute to R&D efforts in Africa in connection with the implementation of the GPA by considering region-and country-specific research trends for AGRs in Africa. Key words: animal genetic resources, research trends, global plan of action. Africa, iLINOVA

Saidu Oseni, Bolu Adeniyi, Paul Okunola

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Electronic Poster Session - Challenges - Species Conservation, , 425, 2018
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